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Things our Customers Say
Tyson Lynch

6 months ago

I made a last minute order on Sunday morning and needed it delivered that evening. It wasn’t possible for me to meet in person yet communication was second to none. She truly went above and beyond with my request, i was just a surprised as my girlfriend upon seeing them. Great price as well, i cannot recommend highly enough Thank you!
Catherine Gunnewicht

9 months ago

Totally recommend this gorgeous local florist. The shop is absolutely beautiful , the service fantastic and the prices very reasonable. There is no excuse to buy flowers from a supermarket when you’re lucky enough to have this wonderful shop on your doorstep. They make absolutely beautiful bouquets 💐
Zuzanna Skrobacka

a year ago

Amazing customer service, helpful and friendly. Good prices, beautiful bouquets. Bought 2 azalea plants and they look fantastic in our house.
Taher Abidali

a year ago

Really friendly, really helpful and great service. Fantastic choice, opening times are extremely convenient. Will definitely use again and can highly recommend. Great value for money too


Out of seven towns which make up London Borough of England, Perivale is the smallest one. Even though it is small, it is one of the most livable places in the UK. Perivale has 15,339 residents and they have the highest number of Polish that make polish as their primary language.

Perivale is composed of a well-civilized town with a lot of houses at the same time they also have a green environment. Large libraries, two golf fields, parks, and even the famous Art Deco is located in this area. This proves the residents of Perivale are artistic and intelligent. Just like Perivale Florist.

Perivale Florist studied its flowers. After studying, Perivale Florist artistically matched and arranged those flowers that will match the artistic place. Brown, white, gray, and green is the mean colors we can see in the town. Perivale Florist also has an English Garden. It is one of our perfectly arranged and well-matched bouquet, where you can see a white, pink, violet, yellow, and peach flowers blended exemplary.
Perivale flower shop is inspired by how artistic and modern art deco is. Art Deco is composed of broken pieces that are put together to make an amazing work of art. Perivale florists appreciate each flower’s beauty but there are some flowers that will look broken and lonely when alone. That’s why Perivale florists accept its brokenness and look for another variety of flowers, mix it together to make an astonishing bouquet.
More than 50% of the houses in Perivale are personally owned establishments. Perivale Florist will also accept personally designed flowers. Perivale Florist is willing to guide you in designing your dream flowers. If you are having trouble finding flowers, Perivale florist has ready-made designs that can suit your desideratum. Perivale Florist has its bestsellers like sunshine gift box, strawberry, raspberry, wild about you, and many more.
For weddings, debut, company party, birthday party, or any kind of occasion, Perivale florist is always ready to design and bring you fresh flowers through their flower arrangements. Perivale florist assures you surprisingly beautiful flowers that can help in making your event more artistic. Perivale Flower Shop welcomes you anytime if you want to check and order or flowers personally. Perivale Flower Shop also brings you great news. Now, you can order and check our flowers online. Isn’t it convenient and easier? Just one click and Perivale flower delivery will deliver your flower right away.
Perivale flower shop offers you a same-day flower delivery within and outside the town. It will be delivered by Perivale flower delivery. Perivale flower delivery is well-trained personnel. A perfectly and artistically arranged flower will be delivered by Perivale Flower delivery on your door. Perivale flower delivery guarantees you that what you see in our Perivale flower shop website is what you will really get. A bonus tip on how to keep your flower’s freshness will be told by our Perivale flower delivery man upon arrival.
Perivale was known as “apple Orchid” but now known as “Greenford Parva” for having a huge green field. Thus, news about the famous football club playing in Perivale is spreading. This is your chance to welcome your favorite football player, like the Hanwell Football club, by sending flowers as a token of appreciation through Perivale flower delivery. A lot of journalists, novelists, and songwriters like Chris Thomas lived in Perivale. Perivale flower shop is here to send your admiration to your beloved artist.
Flowers indeed have their own art and deep meaning. Choosing and adding them up together to make a head-turner bouquet is one of Perivale Flower shop goals. Perivale Florists pick your flowers thoroughly to satisfy your money’s worth. In Perivale Florist, we guarantee you not only our flower’s quality and freshness but also aiming to make the most artistic flower in town.
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