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Things our Customers Say
Tyson Lynch

6 months ago

I made a last minute order on Sunday morning and needed it delivered that evening. It wasn’t possible for me to meet in person yet communication was second to none. She truly went above and beyond with my request, i was just a surprised as my girlfriend upon seeing them. Great price as well, i cannot recommend highly enough Thank you!
Catherine Gunnewicht

9 months ago

Totally recommend this gorgeous local florist. The shop is absolutely beautiful , the service fantastic and the prices very reasonable. There is no excuse to buy flowers from a supermarket when you’re lucky enough to have this wonderful shop on your doorstep. They make absolutely beautiful bouquets 💐
Zuzanna Skrobacka

a year ago

Amazing customer service, helpful and friendly. Good prices, beautiful bouquets. Bought 2 azalea plants and they look fantastic in our house.
Taher Abidali

a year ago

Really friendly, really helpful and great service. Fantastic choice, opening times are extremely convenient. Will definitely use again and can highly recommend. Great value for money too


Ruislip is a dazzling town located in the town in the London Borough of Hillingdon, some of the town’s settlements still exist today like the church called St. Martin’s. One of the major landmarks in town a public parkland with its very own Manor Farm and miniature railway called Ruislip Lido, and it is now currently a local heritage. If you happen to visit the town, you will see an overload of jaw-dropping sceneries and meet pleasant people.

Behind the town’s good traits, you can also find Ruislip flowers that are just naturally rich in colours and textures. Flower Creations flower shop is a Ruislip Florist that offers exceptional bouquets which are best for gifting or decoration for any event and occasion. Ruislip Florist also offers seasonal flowers; we have plenty of floral arrangements that will fit to any celebration and season. However, there is something you can actually do to keep your flowers alive, even for a long span of time.
If you receive a beautiful bunch of flowers, maybe from a secret admirer, suitor, husband, a friend, or a member of the family, or maybe you just buy something beautiful for your own house – the best thing to do is to actually put the flowers in a vase and add water and sugar for this nourishes the flowers even more. However, you should observe your flower vase and watch for it getting yellowish and cloudy. This will indicate that bacteria are already growing in your flower vase. Bacteria can ruin the stems of your flowers, hurting the vase life of flowers. Furthermore, we, Ruislip Florist, warn you to keep your cut flowers away from direct sunlight. Growing flowers and cut flowers are different from each other, so they require a different method of caring. Flowers that are planted in the soil need sunlight, but flowers in the vase need to be placed in a much cooler place to preserve the freshness and aliveness.
Sometimes in life, all we ever need is a touch of nature and sweetness. Ruislip Florist aims to provide delicate flowers that will bring an exceptional experience to the customers, and we also guarantee you a hundred percent quality of customer service. Ruislip flower delivery services are fast and reliable. Our delivery guys will assure you that your flowers are secured. But if you feel like visiting our Floral Creations flower shop so you could see our designs and flower qualities personally, then our Ruislip Florist will assist you in the best way possible. Ruislip Florist is knowledgeable when it comes to flowers as a present to your special someone, flowers used for a specific event or flowers for every occasion. Flowers are not just inspiring because of their looks and styles, but also due to their meaning which gives flowers more life.
Ruislip Florist does also listen to any complaints, suggestions and customers’ feedback. It is even better for us that we are aware of our flaws when it comes to handling our customers, so we can fix it right away and provide great services to our customers. Ruislip flowers are picked at the peak of perfection. This is to ensure that we meet the client’s expectations. We have been acknowledged as one of the best florists in town. Ruislip Florist will always preserve that title and will continue to deliver elegant flowers. Ruislip Florist will make your trust worth it and assures you nothing but the best service. Ruislip Florist knows also how to accommodate the needs of the clients. So, if you aim for spectacular flowers which will provide you satisfaction, then look for Ruislip Florist. We don’t only offer flowers, we offer positivity to our clients too.
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